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Windshield Replacement Cost

When comparing the actual cost of different auto glass services with quotes on windshield replacement cost, there is more information that needs to be considered than simply the quoted price. Never opt for a cheaper service when it means settling for aftermarket glass as opposed to OE glass. All OE glass is subject to strict standards of production ensure a perfect fit and the inclusion of safety features. Windshield replacement cost must be understood in relation to the value of the product and service being delivered.

GMS Auto Glass only uses OE glass, because we have a responsibility to provide our customers the best product available. In a head-on collision or vehicle rollover, would you rather have a cheap aftermarket windshield that's more likely to shatter and harm you and your passengers or an OE windshield that is designed specifically for your vehicle? We think we know which one you would prefer. Also, when you choose GMS Auto Glass you receive a lifetime guarantee against any leaks or defects on your new windshield. Prices are directly proportionate to quality; however, you'll realize after you receive a quote from us, that this difference is moot in the end, as cost-effectiveness is the true measure of value.

Affordable Windshield Prices

After receiving your quote, you will be surprised to learn that top-of-the-line windshields aren't as expensive as you might think. GMS Auto Glass prides itself on delivering superior service and products to our customers while maintaining the affordable windshield prices that took us from a family business based in Southern California, in 1983, to a player on the national scene in the auto glass industry, today.

Among other factors, timeliness is one of the most significant advantages of auto glass service from GMS Auto Glass.

Pick the auto glass company that you feel provides you the best value for your money. Just remember, since 1983, our company has been converting new customers in to lifetime customers, because of the way that we do things. Our services are here to help you, and we give you the personal attention that you deserve.

We sincerely hope that you've found this article on windshield replacement cost useful. For more information on various issues of relevance regarding auto glass and insurance claims, explore our website and read more of our articles.

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