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Our glass is made by the finest automotive glass manufacturers. We give a lifetime warranty against any defects or leakage.

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OEM Replacement Auto Glass

GMS Auto Glass is committed to only using OE replacement auto glass, and will never use aftermarket glass. This is because quality is important to you and it’s also important to us. There are some products that you can skimp on without worrying much about, however; auto glass is not one of them. The quality of auto glass in your vehicle corresponds with its safety.

Quality OE glass increases the rigidity of your vehicle; you'll want this replacement glass for car accidents, just in case. It is less likely to shatter in a way that will harm the driver and passengers of that vehicle. Also, in the case of a severe impact, OEM glass is designed to prevent the driver and passengers from being ejected from the vehicle.

When we founded GMS Auto Glass, Los Angeles and Southern California were our markets. We grew from a local business to a nationwide service provider; along this journey we have always insisted upon providing the absolute highest quality products and services to our clients. Contact us today to get your auto glass replacement quotes.

GMS Auto Glass: Los Angeles

Since we started repairing and replacing windshields in 1983, our customers have always been our number one priority. Express auto glass repair and replacement is what got us to where we are today. We'll save you time and we'll save you money. You won't regret working with GMS Auto Glass. Los Angeles and Southern California may be where we started our business, and we haven't forgotten our roots, but our national infrastructure allows us to offer our brand of high-quality, prompt and timely service nationwide. Let us show you why we're among the best in the car glass replacement industry.

Car Glass Replacement: Mobile Service

Mobile service means never having to wait around in a shop. It means not putting your life on hold. We respond quickly when you schedule a car glass replacement appointment. Additionally, we show up when we say we are going to; this shouldn't be too much to ask (and it's not to us), but the same can't be said about the other auto glass companies. Our average appointment windows are two hours long. The industry average is four; it's easy to show up when you say you'll be there when you phrase it like this, "we'll be there in the afternoon." Meanwhile, you're left waiting in the dark. GMS Auto Glass will never do this to you when you need car glass window repair.

Effective Car Glass Window Repair

All of the work that we perform on your vehicle is top notch. Car glass window repair and replacement are our specialties. If you need auto glass services, you can't go wrong with GMS Auto Glass.

Turn to us for all of your repair and replacement auto glass needs.