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Our glass is made by the finest automotive glass manufacturers. We give a lifetime warranty against any defects or leakage.

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The Mobile Windshield Repair Difference

Do you like waiting around in an auto repair shop? Sitting in a waiting room filled with old magazines, the smell of oil and air fresheners melding unpleasantly, as you wait – wait some more – and (wait for it) keep waiting. Mobile windshield repair is different. GMS Auto Glass flips the paradigm of the repair shop on its head, because we come to you, wherever you are.

GMS Auto Glass doesn't make you wait; our response and repair times are among the best in the auto glass industry. Appointment windows with us average two hours, whereas the standard window is four hours.

Auto windshield repair doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience. Let us take care of the job while you get on with your life. Relax on your couch at home; stay focused on your work; or, if you like, watch our friendly technician make your auto glass problem disappear. Repairing now means that you won't have to replace your windshield in a few months when that small chip grows into a spider web of cracks.

Timely Auto Windshield Repair

Have you ever scheduled an appointment for a technician to repair something in your home? Appliances, cable, satellite? Chances are they gave you a window of time that blocked out your entire morning or afternoon, and then showed up after you spent three hours waiting around without any work even being done. GMS Auto Glass promises timely auto windshield repair. If you call before noon, we can promise same-day service. Your order will be completed within three hours of placing the call. We do this, because this is the way it should be. No one wants to spend their time on someone else's schedule, that's why we accommodate your schedule.

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