Does the type of glass installed matter?

There is a difference between OEM replacement glass and after-market replacement glass. OEM replacement glass must meet quality inspections so that the glass will fit your vehicle like the original glass installed by the manufacturer.

What is OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturer. These manufacturers supply the auto-makers directly. This means that OEM replacement windshields are made to look and fit like the original equipment, with the same safety features. Certain controls must be met in the manufacturing process and quality inspections met. In essence, you are getting the highest windshield quality available for your vehicle.

"Glass is glass," isn't it?

No. After-market manufacturers might be cheaper, but in the end you will pay for the lower standards of quality. You will find higher incidences of scratches, glass with air bubbles, inconsistencies in the edging, and a bumpy contour. We don't even like the hassle of trying to install these windshields, which is why we don't use them.

Do you know your breakage rate?

The quality of your installation can affect the life of your windshield. Lower quality installations result in you having to replace the windshield more often. The national average breakage rate is about 6%.

My purchasing department insists on going with the cheapest bid....does this make economic sense?

Pay now, or pay later. Chances are, you won't be saving money in the long run. Hidden costs to factor in are: vehicle down time, higher breakage rates, slower service response time, unreliable service.

Why is GMS Autoglass so much cheaper than some of the other national glass companies?

GMS Autoglass is a unique company. We have a small highly trained staff that works together to meet your needs. We don't have some of the overhead costs that other larger companies have. For example, you will never have a receptionist or an automated menu answer the phone at GMS. Our staff are trained to take your call quickly and efficiently. They all have substantial experience in the intricacies of our business and are not merely telephone answerers.

All of my claims have to be sent through a leasing/maintenance management company. Can you still help?

Many fleet managers believe that they must use their maintenance company to handle their claims. But if your vehicles are currently being maintained through an outside source, GMS is an authorized supplier for many leasing and maintenance companies. We handle all the paperwork for the claim with your leasing or maintenance management company. If you call us directly, we can provide the service call within hours.

We are an authorized dealer for ARI, PHH, GE Fleet Services, Enterprise Fleet Services, Wheels, and others.

All cancelled jobs are subject to a $40 cancellation fee.