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Our glass is made by the finest automotive glass manufacturers. We give a lifetime warranty against any defects or leakage.

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Car Windshield Repair

Don't put off fixing that cracked car windshield for another day. If you put it off too long, car windshield repair may not feasible, and replacement will become your only option. After an initial impact, a crack will only grow larger and larger, until something is done to prevent this spread. GMS Auto Glass employs skilled technicians that diagnose problems, fix problems, and then leave you with one less problem than you had when you started your day.

You can even schedule an appointment online! Live support chat is available here at to make things easier for you. Don't put it off anymore, you have no reason to, we make things stress-free and we're experts at windshield repair. Houston, Texas and nationwide, we have built an infrastructure to serve motorists across this nation proudly.

Windshield Repair: Houston, Texas Service

Just to be clear, we provide nationwide service. We have grown since 1983, from a local business in Southern California, to what we are today. Let's take a look at how our present infrastructure allows us to provide the best response times for windshield repair. Houston, Texas will serve as our microcosm for this discussion. For the purposes of this example, let's assume there are roughly four kinds of clients that we can serve in the greater Houston area. There are general consumers local to the area, general consumers visiting the area or passing through, commercial fleets, and businesses managing heavy machinery. To show how we serve the needs of all vehicular glass consumers, we will separate this discussion into two parts below.

First, GMS Auto Glass can repair the windshields of any foreign or domestic model of car. Windshield repair is also available for commercial fleets of cars, vans, and trucks. Additionally, we have the capacity to repair and replace windshields on heavy machinery. This covers every vehicle in the greater Houston area.

Second, since we specialize in mobile service, we are able to serve the entire region more effectively. We don't need to pass on the costs of managing individual locations to our customers like brick and mortar shops. Moreover, our model of business is convenient. We come to where our customers need us. With gas prices as high as they are, why would you want to drive to a shop, when we'll work ourselves into your schedule and come to you?