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Our glass is made by the finest automotive glass manufacturers. We give a lifetime warranty against any defects or leakage.

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Auto Windshield Replacement: Stress-free Service

When you leave your home in the morning, you never know what the day will bring. However, know this; if your windshield (or any other glass on your vehicle) is damaged unexpectedly, you can count on GMS Auto Glass to make the problem disappear with stress-free, on-site auto windshield replacement.

After you place your order, one of our friendly and timely technicians will arrive on-scene to perform mobile windshield repair--a factory-quality auto windshield installation of the appropriate auto glass for your vehicle and the situation. Time is a valuable commodity, that's why GMS Auto Glass works hard to respond promptly and send you on your way, letting you continue your day.

While we now provide service nationwide, GMS Auto Glass looks to our original local business philosophy daily to remind us how we got to where we are today--by providing affordable quotes on windshield replacement, offering quick, friendly, and professional service.

Comparing Quotes on Windshield Replacement

GMS Auto Glass replaces countless windshields each year. However, our business is built upon more than just installing glass. The average appointment window in the auto windshield replacement industry is approximately four hours. Do you want to sit around waiting that long for a technician? Of course you don't; our appointment windows average two hours, raising the bar in the windshield repair business. Working with us offers you a significant advantage over our competitors.

Educate yourself on available auto glass options, and we know you'll see why we're the best. Two kinds of auto glass dominate the replacement market, after-market glass and OE glass. The difference is in the fit. Whereas after-market glass is often available at the cheapest windshield prices--it is almost never a cost-effective solution. This type of glass is not designed to the specifications of your vehicle in the same way as OE glass. Thus, when a stone hits cheap after-market glass, the chances that it will crack are significantly higher. On the other hand, OE glass is manufactured to strict standards, and is the best glass available for your vehicle, because it is designed to be identical to your original factory glass in every way, including safety and fit. The reason that fit is important is that properly fitted glass disperses impacts evenly, while ill-fitted glass must withstand impacts locally. GMS Auto Glass only uses OE glass.

Compare the value of what our service offers feature by feature with any other quotes on windshield replacement, and you'll see why we've grown from a family business based in Southern California, into a national leader in the service sector of the auto glass industry.

Windshield Repair, Business Fleet Services

It may sound like a cliché, but every smart business owner knows that time is money. Time spent well is money in your pockets. Time wasted is money thrown away. GMS Auto Glass knows this, and that's why we strive to perform the fastest quality installations in the industry. This saves you time; this saves us time; this is smart. We have the capabilities to offer a full suite of auto glass services, including commercial vehicle windshield replacement.

Look to us for quick, quality windshield repair. Business fleet services are available as well. We are recognized by many leading small businesses, corporations, and organizations as a reliable and affordable auto glass solution. Some of our prominent clients include:

  • Coca-Cola;
  • Waste Management;
  • U-Haul;
  • Fed-Ex;
  • State of California;
  • Union Pacific Railroad;
  • Orkin Pest Control; and
  • Enterprise Fleet Services

Remember though, no matter who you are--when you need us--your order is just as important to us as our national accounts. Truck or car, windshield repair is easy with GMS Auto Glass.

Broken Car Windshield? Repair Guaranteed

Our lifetime guarantee protects you against any leaks or defects. Turn to us whenever car windshield repair is unexpectedly added to your daily to-do list.

Request a windshield glass repair quote online or call 800.404.4527; we will get you back on the road right.