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If you're reading this page (and you are), you're only steps away from receiving an instant quote from Instant auto glass replacement quotes are available here on our website. Navigate to the "Get an Instant Quote" tab at the top of the screen. After we receive some important information from you, we'll be able to give you your quote:

  • What are the city, state, and zip code of your vehicle's location?
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At this point, we'll be able to give you a quote on your auto glass windshield replacement or repair. All you need to do is fill in your specific address information, and confirm the order. If at any point, you don't feel like filling in the rest of the information, you may call 800.540.0467 to receive an instant quote. GMS Auto Glass strives to meet our customers' needs; making things easy for you and the rest of our customers, is one of the ways we accomplish this. Use the website if you find that easier, and call if that's more convenient. We look forward to doing business with you either way.

Auto Glass Windshield Replacement Tips

First, if you notice a crack soon enough, you may be able to avoid replacing your windshield. This is entirely dependent upon the scope of the damage. Crack type, size, and other factors, such as location on your windshield can influence whether a repair will be possible.

Second, only replace broken auto glass with OE glass. Auto glass windshield replacement is called such for a reason, it brings your vehicle back to its pre-damaged state, at least as far as auto glass is concerned. This includes more than just the cosmetic appearance of the glass; auto glass is important to your vehicle's rigidity, particularly in a car accident. OE automotive replacement glass meets the same standards as the factory glass that was initially installed on your vehicle.

Consider mobile repair or replacement over traditional options. Nothing beats the convenience of service that comes to where you are!

OE Automotive Replacement Glass

The difference between OE and aftermarket automotive replacement glass is important to understand. On visual inspection, a windshield made of OE laminate glass may not look significantly different than a windshield made of aftermarket laminate glass, however, to a trained professional, the difference is readily apparent upon installation, in the fit of the glass. OE glass is made to the exact specifications of your vehicle's manufacturer. This perfect fit helps it absorb impacts without being damaged. Aftermarket glass is more likely to absorb impacts locally, because it does not fit as well.

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